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North Sky Construction coordinates and organizes all the contributors involved in a project regardless of the contracting method. We work with owners, financiers, architects, engineers, and trade or joint partners to ensure the successful completion of all projects.


We begin by working closely with the owner to understand their needs in terms of design, functionality, vision, budget, and schedule. These needs form the foundation of the project, and we use them to continuously lead everyone involved throughout the planning, construction, and delivery phases. This allows us to deliver the building, structure, or facility you need on time and on budget.


While some construction companies focus on just one delivery method, our knowledge and experience allow us to offer several methods, as listed below. If you are unsure of which method is best for your unique situation, we would be more than happy to consult with you and recommend the one that is best suited to your specific needs.

Project Delivery Methods

General Contracting

In general contracting, the construction company isn’t involved until after an architect has created plans for a building. The general contractor is chosen through a bidding process and builds exactly what is in the plans and drawings. If a general contractor is unable to deliver on scope, on time, and on budget, the entire process may need to be started over, adding time and additional expense to the project.

  • Sequential Design-Bid-Build process
  • Traditional project delivery method
  • Work awarded on competitive bid system
  • Owner contracts direct with architect, engineer and general contractor
  • General contractor contracts directly with subcontractors

Construction Management At Risk

Construction managers are chosen based on merit or skill and are typically brought on before plans are completed. This provides the construction manager an opportunity to be involved in the design process and have a say in schedule and budget. Typically, this option is better than general contracting because it allows for improved communication between all parties early on in the project.

  • Integrated project delivery method
  • ​Construction Manager (CM) works collaboratively with owner and Architect/Engineer (A/E) through all phases
  • ​CM contracts direct with owner
  • ​A/E contracts direct with owner
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) established in design phase
  • ​CM selected based on performance and experience
  • ​Value analysis performed throughout design to ensure project stays on budget
  • ​Low owner time commitment
  • Schedule expedited through bid package phasing
  • Fewer change orders than GC (lumpsum) method

Design Build

In design build, an owner chooses a general contractor at the beginning to lead the entire project. This delivery method allows the contractor to do what’s necessary to ensure your budget, goals, and timelines are met. Everything goes through the general contractor, giving the owner just one point of contact. This method eliminates the problems that can arise as a result of challenges between separate design and construction contracts.

  • Integrated project delivery method
  • ​Comprehensive start to finish service
  • Design builder contracts directly with owner
  • Design builder holds all contracts (architect, engineering, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.)
  • Owner has one point of contact, the design builder
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) established in design phase
  • ​Value analysis performed throughout design to ensure project stays on budget
  • Allows phased fast-tracked construction
  • Fewer change orders than general contracting (lumpsum) method

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We only hire the best laborers and subcontractors in the business and use top-of-the-line equipment and materials to ensure quality on every project.
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